What is the proper way to write a Blog Post Title that will rank high on the Organic Search Engines?

Writing a Blog or Article starts with the most critical component of all. The Blog Post Title. If this is done correctly, and keyword rich, you can control 80% of the Organic Search engines traffic. Sending it to your website!

Can you imagine every person, in the entire world, running around without a name or a title? I can’t! We are talking total confusion. We solved that problem long ago and came up with a system that everyone can identify with a person over a name. When people that know Charles Montgomery hear the name they get an image and a mental database of that person. If we just described Charles, (Tall, Dark & Handsome)  it’s possible they may think of someone else. In my case not likely, but possible. Now you can see the need for a title that creates a vision of what or who it is that you are looking for or talking about.

I am an Internet Marketer that works constantly at generating leads. I am currently working on an exciting project that involves writing Blogs that are very strong in SEO value to help rank keywords. I have learned that one small mistake can sometimes cost you several impressions. I have done considerable research and feel a need to not only educate myself, but to also part with some of my rambles with others.

The Blog Post Title of an SEO Blog or any Article you may write has incredible importance. It really is the most important element for writing SEO materials. The search engines give weight to things that match up with what the person types into the search engines. A proper title Blog Post Title will get top placement in the search engines very quickly. Top placement in the organics means FREE traffic to your website.

The idea or content of the Blog Post should take priority, but you have some work to do before you actually start writing the Blog Post Title. We have to think about the keywords we are trying to get ranked for in the Organic search engines. You can use any tool you wish to research some keyword analysis. The easiest and free is the Google Keyword Tool. If you have a Google Adwords account, your feedback will be more robust than you will get with the basic version. Either one will provide what you need to get your Blog Post Title written properly. This is not an article about keyword analysis so I won’t go into great depth, but I will explain the steps I have taken. I happen to use Market Samurai. You can find a link to purchase this incredible software package at KeywordLeadGeneration by clicking here. No matter what program you use, follow these basic steps to select some keywords.

1. Open the keyword tool you have selected.

2. Type in the major keyword idea you are writing about. I used “Blog Post Title

3. I got a list of 87 keywords that related to my primary thought of writing about an SEO Blog Post Title correctly.

4. I like to get them into an order that shows the largest number of Global Monthly Searches and I do that by clicking on the column header that says “Global Monthly Searches”. This immediately shows me the keywords that are getting the most traffic. The primary keyword that we searched on was “Blog Post Title

5. Next I look at the keywords that would provide an adequate match to what I am writing about, “Blog Post Title” and I look at the information about competition. In the Google Keyword Tool, that is the Competition column.

6. I am looking for keywords that match my article concept, have a good monthly search number and have low competition. Here are some of my findings

“blog Post title”                Low Competition             14,800 searches per month
“blog title”                          Low Competition             18,100 searches per month
“blog post titles”              No Competition                320 searches per month
“good blog titles”             Low Competition             1,600 searches per month

7. I have certainly found the keyword I will focus on and use properly throughout the Article or Blog Post I write, “Blog Post Title” . I have underlined every use of the keyword for purposes of you identifying the keyword and the importance of it being in the Blog Post Title and throughout the article or post.

8. The other three keywords I have above will be used in the keyword list that supports the article. In this case it gives me a chance to generate interest in what I am doing with almost 33,000 searches a month. If I can get my Blog or Article to the top of the Organic Search area for the keyword “Blog Post Title” I know that I have a chance of controlling 80% of that traffic. It is a known fact that the top three places in the Organic search rankings get 80% of the available traffic.

My original title to this post when I started was “What is the proper way to write an SEO Blog Post that has a Title that will rank high on the Organic Search Engines”? The term “Blog Post” has 0 traffic and would have been a waste of my time.. By doing my homework I was able to change the title to something that created an interest in the Article or Blog and be keyword rich. Thus, “What is the proper way to write a Blog Post Title that will rank high on the Organic Search Engines”?

Here are the steps you should take to write an effective Article or Blog post in regards to the Title only. (The other key components of a blog or post will be in related future writings)

1. Pick the topic that you want to write about. Make something you are passionate about and can write an interesting article about.

2. Write a title that you think would create interest in the reader.

3. Make sure that the title is written in the form of a question. “Would you like”, “Do you want”, “What would happen if”, kind of statements.

4. Do your keyword research as it relates to the title you want to use, and pick some worthwhile keywords.

5. Rewrite your Blog Post Title so that it relates to your subject and your primary keyword.

6. Start writing and make sure you support your Blog Post Title keyword.

You can find this article and the other articles from this subject on my lead generation site at KeywordLeadGeneration

Have fun blogging and watching traffic come in based on have a proper Blog Post Title.


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