Use Social Oomph To Manage Your Time And Efforts With Social Media Better!

In this day and age in the online marketing world we are faced with so many demands on our time. It is very easy to get sidetracked right in the middle of a project and be off on a totally different mission in seconds.

If you are like me you post Videos, Blogs, Tweets, Articles, Press Releases, Facebook Posts, etc.. It goes on and on. Remembering to get these things done on a schedule becomes very difficult to manage when you keep in mind my opening statement.

I have found Social Oomph to be a great product that allows you to pre-schedule all of the above and set up multiple posts that can repeat on a cycle that does not bore the reader. Image sitting down and writing 30 different tweets about your business, set a schedule for when you want a tweet to go out and then set up a rotating plan that keeps going until you stop it. It is an endless source of attention to you and your business with a minimal amount of ONE TIME ONLY effort.

You want to go away for a week or two and not work on posts to your blog,, No Problem,,,, Let Social Oomph manage the task for you.. Sit down, write 10 Blog Posts and schedule them for when you want them delivered.

It’s like having a personal assistant that stays home and runs your business while you are enjoying the rewards of your hard work.

To get on-board with Social Oomph, goto the the “Tools” page and click on the Social Oomph Banner !!

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