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When is It Time To Give Up And Accept failure?

As an online marketer, we often get frustrated and dismayed with our current results. Over the past year and a half I myself have had that day where I sat and wondered was my future as an Online Marketer going to pay off. If you are currently a marketer I am sure you share my experience. If you are a person thinking of getting involved in marketing I can assure you that you will have days when you wonder about that same question.

For someone to think that everything will work perfect every day is not reasonable.

The easy answer to the question of When Is It Time To Give Up And Accept Failure is NEVER !

The moment you accept failure you have just ended your career as a marketer. More importantly you have ended any Entrepeneur experiences you will decide to get involved in on the horizon.

The task is to sit back and think about the components of your business that are not working for you and retool. retooling does two major things. One, it gets your head back in the game and Two, is gets you back to being an Entrepreneur and experimenting with your creativity and business skills.

Find the elements of your current business plan that are not getting the job done and retool. Get some friends to come in and look at what you are doing and offer suggestions. Google for ideas of how to overcome something that may be a roadblock. Most importantly DO NOT GIVE UP! The only way you can fail as an Online Marketer is to give up..

If you want the income and lifestyle changes that go along with your own business, from anywhere you want to be then you need to reinvent yourself and your business practices and get refocused on what is important.

Trust me, with enough failures, re-thinking time, honest evaluation of your current business plan, you will find a path that leads to success.. You need to decide now if you want that life style and then NEVER give up on your dream.