It’s Time To Get Yours

Many of your reading this short message have probably faced a point in life where you decided, “You know what? It’s Time For Me”! I know that I did and it brought about an amazing transformation in my life. After being downsized from my corporate management position, I realized that there comes a time in life where you can sit back and let things happen or you can sit back and make a plan for what is going to happen next. I made the choice to take control of my direction versus letting the direction control me. It started with a simple list of what my skills were and a list of what I wanted to accomplish with the rest of my life. My first outbreak was to get involved in Online Marketing. A very rewarding adventure that taught me skills I never imagined I would get absorbed in. Your looking at this blog that has been made possible because of the skills I learned to market myself to the internet community. I progressed to the point that I decided instead of trying to help everyone else find success I would work on my own. I found events, jobs, projects, readings, writing and made a total game change in the direction of my life. You can do the same if you just take time to think about “It’s Time To Get Yours”!

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