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As a marketer and entrepreneur, I find myself working on many projects all the time. Below are examples of my current projects               that run from lead generation, product offerings and information related blog sites.




The Villages Ideas, is a project of gathering information from every aspect of living in The Villages, Fl . This is an informational site that provides examples of things you can do to enhance your lifestyle in The Villages.

We provide feedback on things like; Money Saving Ideas, Gardening Ideas, Decorating Ideas, Video Presentations of Life Stories and Performing Groups, Current Events, Contractor Directory, Home Rentals, Classifieds & Jobs. If you are not aware of The Villages, Fl .. we describe it as “Disney World For Baby Boomers”.

We welcome ideas and feedback from the residents of The Villages. Check us out at



Villages Web Designs, This project finally takes my web site skills and starts a new business in The Villages. This is a dedicated to building web sites in and around The Villages. Websites are being built that deal with both Personal Blogs and Business Web Sites. Most web sites are being built using the framework of Word Press, which offers so many options to getting the site to reflect the owners wishes. Come over and see what we have to offer at VillagesWebDesigns .




Golf Cart Battery Care has recently been added to my project list. Living in The Villages and golf carts are a way of life. If you happen to have a battery powered golf cart then you know that maintaining and caring for the batteries is a big deal. With new batteries costing from $1000.00 to $2,000.00 it’s important that we keep them running in optimum shape. The Battery Life Saver controls sulfate buildup on the plates of the battery and extends the life of your batteries from 2 to 4 years. You can purchase your Battery Life Saver at the site of this new project at . Most golf cart batteries start to fail after 1/3 of their useful life. This product gets the maximum life cycle from your lead acid golf cart batteries.


Home Business Ideas provides a resource center for marketers to research programs and leaders they may be interested in working with. There are many blog posts relating to the skills needed to become a successful marketer. Home Business Ideas is a great place to start when you want to understand what the Online Marketing and MLM marketing world is about. To see this site and have access to it’s content head over to Home Business Ideas..



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