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The Villages, FL

The Villages, Fl is home! Life takes us on many journey’s with the hope that we can find a place that allows one to enjoy life to it’s fullest. The Villages, Fl is that place.  I have lived all over the United States as the son of a career army major. I never had any idea that Florida would be my final stop and that life had so much to offer as a retired corporate executive. If you have never heard of The Villages then you need to take just a few moments and discover what I refer to as “Disney World For Baby Boomers”. You can see more about this exciting retirement community at The Villages . Take a moment and explore the fastest growing town in the United States. There is a reason that people come here and you need to join the incredible diversity that makes this Home Town so special. Looking forward to seeing you!

There Is Always A Reason Why!

Why do we do the things we do in life? It usually centers around relationships and the need to feel accomplishment and success. Life definitely has a starting line and a finish line. What happens in the middle is our responsibility. I have always been very lucky to find challenges that keep me involved mentally and personally.  We all go through changes and we all have blips on the way. Every person I know would fit into this crude definition of what we are about. Some people take on events in life that test our fortitude and some decide on a path that allows a less aggressive road. Some of us base our day to day standards on faith and some find a different platform that provides direction. The bottom line, we all get up every morning and make a simple choice of what we will accomplish today. Understanding WHY you do things is far more important than just getting things done. I think you would be very amazed if you sat down with a piece of paper and pen and listed what are your reasons WHY! Try it and watch your life take on an entire new meaning and direction. I know it worked for me.