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Are You Ready To Give Google What It Wants? No, It’s Not Money

Writing Great Content In Your Posts Is A Must!

There is nothing better than having great content in a post that draws people in to read more. Remember that you have to blend what you want to say with what they want to hear.

I’m Sure You Know Why Good Content Is King!

You get the job done of providing information to your readers. Providing for your readers is always your main objective. If you forget about the reader, they will forget about you. Take time to write some great content that the reader can have fun reading and gain knowledge from will bring that reader back for more. Imagine having a reader see your name on a post and and rush to read it because they know you will be giving them some great content. Get the content right and people that know you will see your name as more important than your title line.

Another reason you want to write great content is to please Google. Now think about it. Google makes a fortune by providing people with the answers to what they want to know. When they see a post written about bumble bees and when you open the post it talks about Tuna Fish, not only will the reader leave, so will Google.

If you fail to provide what you say you are going to provide, the post you have written will never show anywhere. Google has a reputation to follow, that being the place to go when you want to know something. If someone comes along that does it better, then Google looses advertising revenues to the new search engine giant.

What are the key steps to writing good content?

  • Original: Make sure your content is original. If you are reading this post you may be saying to yourself I have heard this stuff before. You probably have, but what you are reading now is my version. It is my thoughts and my insights that you are reading about. When you begin writing do your research, that is fine, then write from your mind not the previous version your read. You want to make sure your content is original.
  • Unique: Be unique with your writing. Every author has a style and people gravitate to writing styles that they enjoy reading. Remember the movie “Romancing The Stone”, the thugs were about to kill two people until they realized one of them was Joan Wilder. Because of her writing style she saved two lives. Most people read content, visualize the writer, and build a mental picture of that person. If the picture is great, they come back for more. Make sense? Use some humor, don’t be blah blah blah. Make it fun to read.
  • Recent: Finding recent things to write about is important. Reading about yesterdays news never draws the attention like the headlines of today. We all look for something new and motivating.
  • Lengthy: When you write you need to find that combination between not too short and not so long is a chore to read. Your normal post should be between 300 to 600 words.

Blog writers and websites that don’t use some common sense and follow the suggestion I have forth above will see their page ranks begin to slip. Again, I can’t stress enough that having great content is critical. Take care of your reader, take care of Google and they will take care of you.