Charles Montgomery

Charles Montgomery, a Baby Boomer, enjoys a tremendous life that allows him to provide leadership to many people. Giving support and energy to others is very important to him. Motivation of people holds his strongest attention. He is known for his motto’s of “Follow The Leader”  & “Time To Get Yours”. He believes in being involved in projects that generate friendships with other positive attitude people.

He Started with his High School education in Ayer Massachusetts and went on to college at Boston Conservatory of Music where he earned a Bachelors degree in Music Education. After teaching grades 4-12 in a public school system in Pembroke NH, he embarked on a very successful career in sales and sales management.

Charles’s experiences in the sales and sales manager arena prepared  him to work with other organizations as they worked to improve their structure, team building, and operational standards. The primary mission of his career was to help schools and non-profit organizations raise funds to accomplish their goals. He has always been involved relating IT department policies to the main stream sales force. His personal strong computer skills gave him the ability to communicate with the IT department in their language. He has often been called upon to roll out IT Initiatives to sales force teams and build a strong team acceptance to the project at hand. Being able to relate internal initiatives to a sales force has been a strong point because of his strong communication skills. His 32 years experience in the corporate environment at QSP Inc, a subsidiary of the Readers Digest, taught him best practices between all of the departments that are involved in running a successful corporation. He played a large role in planning meetings held between all departments and was able to provide knowledge and understanding for the needs of IT, Sales, HR, Senior Management, and Product resources.

After retiring at the age of 59 1/2 he began working as an online marketing trainer. He has had a very successful career working with companies like Numis, Carbon Copy Pro, Youth Juice, Visalus, Wealth Masters Int, and other smaller organizations. The time spent in this area has given him a very broad knowledge base of Social Networks and marketing. He has trained people all over the world on skills related to Twitter, Facebook, SEO skills, Blogging, and writing articles that drive traffic to a sales platform.

Charles always had a passion for the use of his voice. After studying with Wren Ross, a leading Voice Over coach in the Boston, Ma area, he went on to produce his voice over demo and started entering the audition arena. Listen to his demo here —–> Charles Montgomery-Voice Over Demo

At present he lives and works in The Villages, Fl. While The Villages is considered a retirement community, Charlie is anything but retired. He spends two days a week shuttling people between The Villages, Fl and the Orlando International Airport. Two days a week are dedicated to Playing golf with friends from his work past and many new friends in The Villages. The Villages provides the opportunity to enjoy life in many ways. Dancing, dining and a recent addition related to his background of Boston Conservatory of music. Now playing in The Villages Concert Band. This band is a collection of very talented musicians that have been brought together in this incredible community.

Using his extensive Internet Technology, Social media and Blogging skills, he is currently involved in a major project that relates to The Villages and the community of people that reside there., a web site that gives ideas for people living in The Villages, regarding lifestyles. This very large endeavor includes areas about every aspect of our lives here in The Villages. The main feature that will be completed soon is the addition of a place to list rental homes. The massive content of information about The  Villages will drive the needed traffic to dominate the home rental market in this great town. You can also see self produced videos, stories of people that live in The Villages. You can learn about home projects, gardening, and how to get around the roundabouts that are very dangerous in The Villages. A project like this takes an immense amount of time and every day the presentation offers more for everyone living in The Villages, Fl.

Currently reside in The Villages, Fl with his wife Jenny and best friend Bella, (Miniature Schnauzer)


Skype: monty2255

Phone: 508-801-0385