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The Most Costly Mistake For New Online Marketers!

Why is everyone is such a hurry to build an online business and have no understanding of the actual foundation for the business you are building. I see so many new online marketing people opting into a program, and first thing they do is scour the internet for things they can SPEND MONEY on to make the job easier. $50 here, $99 there and oh yes, there are those $30.00 a month charges as well.

If you have a marketing business that is making money then cool to invest in ways to improve your time management and productivity. If you are just starting, not so cool.. You need a foundation for your business that allows you to understand how the end customer thinks and reacts to your marketing efforts. You need to see what happens when you run an ad somewhere and the effect that ad has on your overall growth. If you toss that responsibility out to some program like something that would auto follow and build your Twitter following. You have learned nothing. More importantly you have spent precious investment money that could be used much wiser on other efforts of your business.

Think about starting a hot dog stand. You buy every auto feature you can to save you work, you get your supplies, and you have no idea how to interact with the people that come up to your stand. Selling hot dogs is about building relationships with customers that keep coming back.. Building an Online Marketing business is exactly the same thing.

Take some time and do it the old fashion way, get your Twitter followers and unfollow yourself. You will learn so much more about the things you need to do to understand and build a strong business. After six months, go get the program to help you save time. By then your efforts and education will have provided you with income to afford the extras. Good Luck With Your New Business!

Finding Time For You Has As Much Value As 24/7 At The Computer

Being an internet marketing wizard can be very demanding. I have found that it is entirely possible to fill every second of a 24 hour day with things to do that will make your online business stronger and more productive than it was the day before. I can also tell you that if you try and do it all you will burn out and your efforts will create more negative results than positive. No matter what has to be done today, I am watching golf.  I come up with some of my best ideas when I am away from the computer and just working on me. There is no way you can do everything, every day. If you start the day making sure your priorities are in order, you stand a great chance of getting the mission critical elements taken care of and then working on you, you most important employee in your business. Time away from the business can have just as much value as time working at the business. Try it….. I promise you will be more productive when you return !

The Biggest Online Marketing Challenge Is Patience!

As a mentor to many online marketing people I find that the single biggest challenge is being able to be patient enough for the skills you need to catch up with the Online Marketing presence you need. Learning the skills to write ad-copy, work with Google, learn about SEO, and communicating with potential team members is over shadowed by the time you need to have the internet world get to know you. Think about it, do you know of any new business that starts up and from day one they are an instant success? They might have a super Grand Opening, but to be able to build a thriving business that generates a great income requires time and patience. Stay with the plans laid out by your sponsor and give yourself the time you need to build your internet personality. People will follow once they can validate you are a leader.