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What Is The Best Way To Handle The Question “What Product Do You Sell ?”

After marketing for a year, I have finally decided that what I sell doesn’t really matter. Every time someone would ask me that question I would go into all kind of gyrations trying to make sure that I said just the right thing. Was my conversation going to be too much money, was my description of the product going to help or hurt the conversation with my new perspective team member. Would I ask enough questions to understand the person on the other side of the call so that my response would be one that allowed them to feel good about what product I sell. Would they think the commissions were enough, too much, too little…. You get it what I am saying?

The the light bulb came on,, Thanks to Juan Walker who told me, “Charlie, just talk about you” .. So my entire game changed as I began to talk about Charlie, his life, his experiences, his goals, his interests !! And an amazing development has taken place. My video’s on my landing pages follow this plan… My content on my landing pages follow this plan, my conversations on the phone follow this plan.. And you know what?  People are starting to follow Charlie Montgomery because of me, not my product..

People want and need leadership and when you position yourself as the most important product you are selling to them they will all of a sudden get excited to be talking to someone that is a leader and wants to help like people get involved in their efforts.. Remember, you are your greatest product and people will spend more for you than any other offer you have.. Once they buy you, they will be much more excited about following the tools you use to monetize yourself! Hope this helps !! Charlie