My Tools

The items below are items I use in my day to day business. You can click on any item and follow the affiliate link to purchase and use these items.


Send 3,000 emails every 5 days, Gold Membership

Send 6,000 emails every 5 days, Diamond Membership

 Host Gator

Web Site Hosting, This is where all of my websites and Blog are hosted!

Tweet Adder – Twitter

The Ultimate Twitter Tool !

SocialOmph – Twitter Automation Tool

MLM Marketing Formulas II – Lead Generation

Magnetic Sponsoring – Lead Generation

Copywriters Guild – Writing Ads and Copy

  Perry Marshall – Google Adwords Resource


Become a fearless prospector. Download 3 FREE Training CDs That Show You How with MLM Trainer, Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson – Script Book

Custom-Page Social Site Custom Design Products

Custom Designs For Twitter, YouTube, Facebook

BlueVoda Web Site Hosting And Free Site Builder


Ad Builder Worksheet

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Try Market Samurai now for free!

Market Samurai, Best Keyword Reserch Tool