Below is a collection of questions and concerns I have addressed over my career in Online Marketing. Feel free to send along any question you may have in the reply box at the bottom of the page.


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  1. monty2255

    Q – Can you tell me the skills you need to make a fantastic living with Internet Marketing. I have never done anything like this!

    A– I was 59 years old when I started my Online Marketing business. I had no prior experience. What I have discovered is having a qualified mentor and a great training program is all you need to succeed. My one year track record allows me to provide both for you. I will teach you the skills you need to become an Online Success Story !!

  2. Q – Why is there an Application Fee to join CarbonCopyPro?

    A – Without the Application Fee I would be inundated with requests to join my team. Many people have an interest in making a lifestyle change but the only ones that purchase an application are the ones that are very serious about their future. The Application Fee is 100% refundable if you decide it was not what you expected. When you become the success story I expect you will appreciate that the Application helps your sort out those that just want to kick the tires vs those that truly want a change

  3. Q – What are the products that I would be selling if I joined CarbonCopyPro?

    A – You are able to sell any product that you wish. My job is to teach you how to market on the internet. Some people come to CCPro with the intent of selling a product they have. I came here with no product and elected to sell the one major product that CCPro has an affiliation with. The product deals with financial management and based on what is happening in the world economy right now, I could not have made a better decision. The commission structure of what I sell is fantastic and I have total confidence in what I sell.

  4. Q – Can I work this business part time or do I need to make a full time commitment?

    A – Many people join our company and start as part time. Almost everyone I have sponsored has arrived here with the intent to eventually Fire Their Boss and work at online marketing full time. Part time is very much a way to start if that is how you decide to build your future.

  5. Q– What kind of training can I expect?

    A– CCPro has the most extensive training anywhere. The training involves recorded webinars by industry leaders covering every facet of the Online Marketing industry. There are live training calls every night that deal with the latest developments in the online marketing world. In your first month I make myself available to you to make sure that your start is on a solid foundation. Every week has at least one team training session that takes place usually on a Saturday so that everyone can attend. The training here at CCPro is always talked about as being world class by people that have tried many Online Marketing adventures and failed because of the lack of training.

  6. Q– What kind of support can I expect?

    A – Support here is incredible. It comes in five layers! First I am here to provide one on one and team training. Second the company provides support with the many calls that take place every day. Third, we have business coaches that are available to answer questions you may have during your growth. You will hear from a Business Coach soon after you purchase your application. Fourth, we have online support that you can connect with in the form of IM. Fifth, we have an extensive Forum that many people ask question and many provide feedback. All of these support system make for a very well rounded support system for any newbie which is paramount to your success!

  7. Q – If I have failed at other Online Marketing attempts in the past, why would I expect to have this one work.

    A – Because of the support and training that was outlined above. One of the most important ingredients to your future will be me. If you are willing to work hard I am willing to work harder to help with your success story. Think about it, if you do well so do I!

  8. Q – What does it cost to actually get started and up and running ?

    A – To get started, you’ll FIRST need to purchase a “Black Box” (Business in a Box) which will cost you $ 395 (plus S&H). The Black Box is a physical product that will be delivered straight to your door. It is a complete marketing system contained in a “box” — everything you need to build a very successful business online. After you have purchased your Application for $49.95 you will be presented with the details and information to review the contents of your “Black Box” business kit. Remember, anything you purchase during this membership process is 100% refundable based on following the guidelines.

    We have additional upgrade options for those who want to take maximum advantage of the compensation plan. Once you’ve got your BIB and have started to familiarize yourself with the training material – and once I know more about what your desired income goals – we will talk about what sort of upgrade (if any) that best fits your plan.

  9. Q – What happens after I purchase my application?

    A – You will hear from me normally within 24 hours. My call is to introduce myself and welcome you as well as approve your Application. Next you will hear from a Business Coach to answer any question that you have and third you will be invited to a one hour webinar that will outline every detail you would want to know about this amazing opportunity. Before you make any furture commitment you will have 100% of your questions answered.

  10. Q – I have seen some negative comments about your company on the internet. Why is that?

    A – Simple, search any great company and you will find negatives. It is impossible to please everyone. There is also a Marketing approach that other marketers use of piggy backing on a major successful company. They use CarbonCopyPro as a search term and then write a negative ad while at the end they pitch their own company and how great it is. You will find that Marketing on the internet has some unique twists and turns.

  11. Q – Is it possible that the market is saturated and there is no more opportunity for me to grow my business?

    A – It is currently believed that over 1.7 billion people look to the internet for one resource or another. CarbonCopyPro has translated their web sites into languages from 60 countries. We currently work in over 150 countries and the last 12 months have been our greatest growth cycle. Joining now makes you part of that growth cycle. We are growing because we are respected and we know what we are doing to make you the same.

  12. Q – If your company is so fantastic how come everyone doesn’t want to join?

    A – Because we don’t let them. Every Application is screened to make sure that your goals and expectations are inline with what we provide. If you show in your Application that you are not sincere about what we have to offer then we simply reject your Application and refund your Application fee. Mentors like myself do not have time to deal with people that truly don’t want to change their life style.

  13. Q – This all sounds too good to be true, how do I know I can trust everything you have talked about here?

    A – Because:

    * Our company has a

      clean record

    according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). According to the BBB, we have never had a substantiated complaint.
    * Our company is a member

      in good standing

    with the Direct Sales Association, the leading trade organization for direct sales companies.

    * Our company has

      never been investigated or sanctioned

    by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

    * No actions by a State Attorney General has ever been taken against our company, nor are there any pending investigations.

    * Our company is a United States of America Corporation based in Texas. It’s not some fly-by-night, off-shore scam.

    * Recognized industry leaders such as Mike Dillard and Andrew J. Cass are directly associated with our company.

    * Our partner company, Wealth Masters International, has been around since January 2005. Kip Herriage, the company’s CEO, holds six degrees and licenses, was a financial advisor and money manager for over 15 years and one of the youngest ever to reach the position of Vice President at one of the largest financial firms on Wall Street.

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